In December 2004 we performed a stage pyrotechnics display on the 3rd birthday of Planet TV in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, and in February 2005 we did the same at the ceremony of the 3rd Annual Planet Music Awards. Then there was a short tour of Ivana and Indira Radić in April 2005, and on 10 August 2005 we started work with the Planet Prima 2005 Tour which performed on the stages of 15 cities in 1 month. It was an immense pleasure for us to see the tempestuous and truly genuine reaction of the spectators all heated up by the hit performers of Payner. With each pyro effect the audience erupted like a volcano. Moreover, we need to mention the video of the fabulous performer Gergana to the song Blue Eyes which very deftly interweaves artistic talent with carefully selected pyro effects and fireworks launched in time to the music.

The organizers contracted us for the provision of pyro effects for the national tours of Payner in the summers of 2006 and 2007, and for all other concerts to follow, including award ceremonies and birthdays of Planet TV.

Fiery Chrysanthemum was invited to organize the fire spectacle at the grand opening of the Planet Multiplex in Dimitrovgrad.