Spherical star shells

The product is a set of spherical bomb, equipped with a container discharging charge and igniter. Made of paper or plastic. Shoots of special mortar and after a certain time explodes at height of 60 to 700 meters. Disperses pyroelements / stars, comets, coils, stiffeners, sirens, etc.,crossings. / In the form of a bouquet, powerful sphere or a figure / ring, heart, star, point … / Star effects are most often with names of plants : chrysanthemums and peonies with the cores and double, triple, four broadcasting and change the effect, roses, dahlias, willows, palms, tiaras, chrysanthemums. There are effects increased with duration: cobwebs, crowns, crowns brocade, and others., Gauges of the items are from 40 mm to 600 mm.