When the sun goes down, we rise and shine


A fabulous pyrotechnic display for your event

We are “Fiery Chrysanthemum” Ltd.
A team of pyrotechnicians and designers who will make your event special, emotional and unforgettable.
We are the first private company with a regularly certified state license and the first company to design and realize shows with professional fireworks in Bulgaria.

We offer you:
variety of pyrotechnic effects
individual design
affordable prices
a team of professionals

Wedding fireworks

Pyro-music programs with 3D visualization

Fireworks for various family and corporate events

New Year's fireworks


The first private licensed company in Bulgaria for the design and implementation of illuminating of professional fireworks shows.

Еxplosives specialists

We have a team of over thirty qualified explosives specialists

Affordable prices

To facilitate our customers, we offer universal programmes at very affordable prices.

Types of fireworks

A large variety of fireworks and pyrotechnics from leading manufacturers