On 20 October 2001 M-Tel celebrated its 1 000 000th subscriber with a fabulous Millionth Subscriber Party in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna at one and the same time. At 10.55 p.m. sharp the sky over these four Bulgarian cities was lit up by splendid professional fireworks. In Sofia, Fiery Chrysanthemum shot more than 1300 shells in front of the National Palace of Culture for 2 minutes and 25 seconds. The fireworks could be seen out in Knyazhevo.

On 30 September 2003 M-Tel celebrated its 2 000 000th subscriber with a legendary concert the likes of which Bulgarians had not seen before, organized by Sofia Music Enterprises in front of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Among the stars that performed on that stage were Atomic Kitten, Dannii Minogue, D-2 and many other Bulgarian stars. The new owners of the company noted that the fireworks for the 1 000 000th subscriber had been like seeing Beirut by Night in the midst of the Crisis. That is why they hired Fiery Chrysanthemum to create a symphony of fire pictures gradually melting into one another for 12 minutes. We made their dreams come true!

In September 2004 there was a massive party at the water park of the St. Petersburg Hotel in Plovdiv, where M-Tel celebrated their 3 000 000th subscriber, and our fiery chrysanthemums turned the Thracian night into day.

21 September 2006 was the date on which M-Tel celebrated their 4 000 000th subscriber with an unconventional party. The business partners of the Austrian owners were welcomed to a stylish party on the transformed Bridge of Sighs between the National Palace of Culture and the Hilton Hotel. Fiery Chrysanthemum decorated with fireworks the length of Cherni Vrah Blvd in the 400-m section of the track of the racing car of Niki Lauda.