“Fiery Chrysanthemum” Ltd. was founded in 1993 in the town of Panagyurishte. We are the first privately licensed company in Bulgaria for  design and realization of programs with professional fireworks.

The main subject of activity is work with pyrotechnic effects for:

  • festive professional fireworks;
  • pyro-music programs with 3D visualization / synchronized fireworks with music /;
  • entertainment fireworks for concerts, shows, birthdays and name days, corporate events and more;
  • wedding fireworks;
  • New Year’s fireworks;
  • fireworks on the occasion of municipal and city holidays;
  • fiery inscriptions;
  • inscriptions with pyro-elements;
  • inscriptions with fireworks;
  • stage effects for indoor and outdoor performances;
  • special effects;
  • design and execution of blasting works and special blasting works;

“Fiery Chrysanthemum” Ltd.  offers depending on the time / during the day or in the evening / and the place of the celebration / in the hall or outdoors / combinations of different types of effects.

We have a team of qualified specialists.

The company works with high quality pyrotechnic products our imports  from the most renowned manufacturers of fireworks in the world.

We have the most modern equipment for launching various types of fireworks.

In recent years, we have gained extensive experience in organizing fireworks in densely populated urban areas, in the presence of a large audience. With this in mind, we pay special attention to the safety of spectators and the architectural space.

More than 30 years of experience

Qualified specialists


Modern equipment