Fiery Chrysanthemum Ltd. designs and executes blasting in mines and quarries for material according to specific requirements of each client. Depending on the conditions of the object we will recommend the most suitable scheme and method of blasting. The result is a minimum-BB and CB to obtain uniform particle size, minimum values of the air shock and the seismic waves spilled into pieces minimum, maximum useful yield.

We design and implement blasting for construction and reconstruction of roads / including forest / in industrial sites / demolition of foundations, chimneys, silos, trestles, etc. /. in places with difficult conditions / demolition of walls, knocking holes in concrete, digging trenches for water rock soil /; demolition buildings, bridges, etc..


After a thorough view of your subject we will produce a project with the optimal parameters of blasting. With minimal cost we will get accurate destruction with the least adverse environmental impact.

For us it is crucial the safety of people and property in the performance of blasting operations. We work in close cooperation with labor inspectorates, police and local authorities across the country.

We provide all permits under the Regulations on labor safety in drilling and blasting.